An Emptied Room

of One's Own extend Chou Tung-Yen’s interdisciplinary work Emptied Memories and the experimental dancing images developed by the long-term collaboration between Chou Tung-Yen and Chou Shu-Yi.

An Emptied Room of One's Own erases all visible scenes and backgrounds. The nearly boundless space in pure black, white, or grey implies that the person lives in a semi-vacuum state. His limbs struggle hard for something, while his shadow still lives in the imaginary space.

Rainer Maria Rilke has ever said, “This boundless loneliness creates sympathy between our daily life and the nature, namely the invisible space in which we live. And this space surrounds us with its innumerable presences.”


Both the person in the purely black, white, or grey space and the distorted “panoramas” taken by the panoramic camera represent the corporal exploration of the external (non-daily/daily) world. By utilizing images, this exploration helps the spectators to stare deeper into their internal, innumerable, and invisible spaces.



An Emptied Room of Mine





里爾克說:「這種無邊界的孤寂,它令每一日的生命時光與天地聲息相通,用一個詞來說就是空間,那種人類總能活在裡頭的不可見空間(espace invisible),此空間以數不盡的化現(présences)圍繞著人。」