Facing cities started with gathering artist from the two far ends of the world with different backgrounds and practices. They want to find common ground by making a portal that connects people. It's also like making a magic mirror that reflects the world.

Facing cities is a collaboration on finding the common ground as human beings.
A common ground in the digitalized culture we live in, a common ground to understand the rapid change we live in to preserve what's essential to be human.
- Director  & Concept / CHOU Tung-Yen

Two performers from two sides of the world find themselves amidst a digitalized space.

We see them interact with each other and with other people, in our mundane, physical world, through a portal and so does their digitalized version.

We see them in between places: becoming (part of) the portal.

We see a digitalized version of them. It is about identity and starts from a physical identity to a personal identity, becoming a digital identity that in itself again influences their physical and personal identity again.

Dramaturgy /Judith Blankenberg
May work-in progress presentation / Taipei, Taiwan
Aug. showcase in Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival / Groningen, Netherland
Sep. work-in progress presentation / Groningen, Netherland
Aug. World Premiere in Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival / Groningen, Netherland
Production Credit
Director / Concept | CHOU Tung-Yen
Choreography / Concept / Performer | YU Yen-Fang
Sound Concept | HSU Yen-Ting, LIN Yu-De
Technical Director/Lighting | WU Hsia-Ning
Producer | Neo WU
Production Manager | WU T.J
Executive Producer | WU Ko-Yun, WU Po-Shan
Production Administrator | CHENG Ming-Fang
Production Assistant | CHANG Yen-Ning, HUANG Yung-Han
Marketing | CHEN Ling
Video Documentation|  HUANG Chia-Wen, CHANG Xiao-Tien
Video Photography | CHOU Ko-Min, CHIN Zhen-Pan, JUAN Hsiang-Wen
Photography | LEE Hsin-Che, Terry LIN, TANG Chien-Che
Rehearsal Journal | TANG Hsuan
The Netherlands
New Media / Concept | WERC Collective
Performer | Mohamed Yusuf Boss
Dramaturgy | Judith Blankenberg
Creative Producer |
Jaukje van Wonderen
Intern WERC|Le Hoai Lihn
Production | Very Theatre, WERC Collective
Co-Production Partner | Grand Theatre Groningen
Supported by | The Rainbow Initiative, the National Culture and Arts Foundation (TW),
“TAIWAN Top” 2019 performing arts groups, the National Culture and Arts Foundation (TW),
Performing Arts Fund NL, Kunstraad Groningen.
Special Thanks to | WANG Ning, TIEN Hsiao-Tzu, LEE Kuo-Han, CHU Pei-Rong, CHEN Yen-Pin, HUANG Wen, HUANG Huai-De, YANG Yan-Chun, TENG Hsiang-Ting, Yang’s Ensemble