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Chou, Tung-Yen Solo Exhibition







「光流格影」以三大主題綜剖跨界創作者周東彥近十年來在劇場和影像結合的探索。囊括甫獲得世界劇場設計大展(World Stage Design 2013)大獎作品《空的記憶》之表演影像裝置,和三支多次入圍國際影展之實驗短片;並立體呈現於留學歸國後數件擔任戲劇/舞蹈/音樂會之劇場影像設計作品。




When we review Chou Tung-Yen’s experience of creation, we find that his works, whether they are short films, images combined with theaters, or installations, express his desire for demonstrating an inner world that is small but complete and simultaneously turns the minimum to the maximum. By utilizing images, Chou seeks to penetrate tangible spaces and theatrical black boxes in the real world, and thereby shapes subtle and immense psychological landscapes.


Unlike most digital artists whose backgrounds are in fine arts or film arts, Chou embarked on his exploration of images and interdisciplinary possibilities by treating theater as the point of departure. Perhaps his background distinguishes his works from those of others. The frames alternately appearing in this exhibition include mirror frames of a theater, the screen frame of a movie theater, many deliberately arranged window frames, and segmented scenes of a museum. Accordingly, this exhibition presents the visual effect different from that of installations and contains the narrativity different from that of movies.


The exhibition “Lights Flowing Out of Frames” demonstrates the results of Chou’s exploration of combining theater with image over the last decade in three genres of his works, including the video installation《Emptied Memories》that won the top prize in Interactive and New Media Design at the World Stage Design2013, three experimental short films nominated many times by international film festivals, and several pieces of image design on theater, dance, and concert that he participated after he finished his study abroad.



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