A steady stream of unstable memories—Carl Emil Carlsen|新媒體及互動設計

新媒體及互動設計 Carl Emil Carlsen


For someone like me, who’s primary creative medium is computation, the hologram is an irresistible format to work with. It is the ultimate escape from the screen, into physical space at human scale. It offers a playground where solid and simulated phenomena can greet and interact, on somewhat equal terms. It shortens the distance between imagination and manifestation and it brings us closer to an ideal world of boundless expression.

In this piece, the visual keyword for me is transformation. Rooms and objects assemble and fall apart in a steady stream of unstable memories. The two actors, Kasper and Derrick relate to the holograms interchangeably, and in effect they too transform from one to another. This reminds me remarkably of being in a dream state, where one thing leads naturally to the next, but when analyzed in retrospect the transitions seem impossible.

Apart from bridging the digital and the physical, the project also spans two cultures. At first you see only the differences, but as you dive deeper you find surprisingly many similarities – until the point where you feel at home in a new culture and in a new kind of reality.