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新媒體及互動設計  Carl Emil Carlsen


他的作品,特別是與電子音樂家Bjørn Svin 合作的Silicium,特點在於結合聽覺與視覺表達,也同時保留臨場體驗的活力臨場感,甚至包含發展新的現場樂器,以即興創作參數畫圖像。他的裝置作品往往會採用展示性機械和感應器,來模擬生物與其生存環境共生的現境幻象。自2003年以來,Carl Emil就一直活躍在互動藝術領域,並獲得了丹麥藝術基金會(Danish Arts Foundation)的多項資助。近期作品曾在哥本哈根的Nikolaj Kunsthal和赫爾辛基的點擊節上展出。

作品網站 : http://cec.dk/info/

Carl Emil Carlsen (1982) is an independent artist and computational designer specialized in interactive graphics and mixed reality. He blends audio-visual and virtual-physical media to create new sensory experiences. Exploring the machine as a generative medium, he writes algorithms that produce synthetic patterns, form, motion and behaviour, often inspired by biological and natural phenomena.

For his audiovisual performances, notably Silicium with electronic musician Bjørn Svin, the focus is to unite auditive and visual expression while retaining the vitality of a live music experience. This involves the development of new live instruments for improvising parametric graphics. His installations often employ alternative display techniques and sensors to create mixed reality illusions of simulated organisms in symbiosis with their physical environment.

Carl Emil has been active on the interactive art scene since 2003 and has received multiple grants from the Danish Arts Foundation for his productions. Most recently, his work has been featured at the Hybrid Matters exhibition at Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen and at the Click festival in Helsingør.